• Welcome to

    DLH Virtual

  • Welcome to

    The future

    DLH Virtual provides our pilots with state of the art technologies

  • No Ranking System

    All Pilots can fly all aircrafts just from the beginning


    Customized Acars Programs

    DLH Virtual provides you with 3 different Acars Programs.
    FS9, FSX, P3D, XPLANE are supported also on MAC

  • Cargo OPS

    The alternate

    Also all Cargo Flights from Lufthansa Group
    are available for you!

  • Freedom

    Finding and booking flights

    DLH Virtual holds more than 5000 bookable routes,
    a charter system and monthly changing Tours

  • History

    Check out our Retro Fleet

    DLH Virtual holds also a Retro Fleet,
    Junkers JU52, Douglas DC-6, Boeing 727, Boeing 707 are available on Real Routes from 1968

  • Airline variation

    Lufthansa Group Airlines

    DLH Virtual offers you all Airlines
    where DLH holds 100% shares

Word from our CEO

One of the Best
Welcome on board! DLH Virtual was founded Sep, 03rd 2013!
We are offering most of LH Routes currently and we also have Austrian, Lufthansa Cargo, Air Dolomiti, Swiss, Edelwei├č, Eurowings and Aerologic flights in our timetable.
DLH Virtual is an official VATSIM & IVAO Airline and we hold every Saturday groupflights on Vatsim or IVAO.
Also we do offer a lot of Tours to our pilots to show them places which are not in our regular schedule.
We own a TS3 for our pilots and most of our staff are available there daily.
I wish all of our pilots
Happy Flying


EWG2755 // LOWW - EDDS // 01.04h // A319-112

CH10128 // EBAW - EDDF // 00.48h // 737-700

DLH940 // EDDF - EGCC // 02.05h // A320-211

SWR2353 // LGKR - LSGG // 01.49h // A320-214

DLH30 // EDDF - EDDH // 00.58h // A321-131

EWG4828 // EDDH - LIMC // 01.19h // A320-214 SL

DLH235 // LIRF - EDDF // 01.33h // A320-211

DLH851 // EFHK - EDDF // 02.28h // A320-211

AUA9097 // LOWW - LGKR // 01.47.14h // A320-214

EWG652 // EDDK - LGTS // 02.41h // A320-214

New Pilots

DLH4944 Robert joined 20.06.2018

DLH70089 Mihail joined 20.06.2018

DLH6954 Jayden joined 20.06.2018

DLH70088 James joined 20.06.2018

DLH12088 Sebastian joined 19.06.2018

DLH4476 Alexander joined 19.06.2018

DLH4943 Gui joined 19.06.2018

DLH6953 Michael joined 19.06.2018

DLH70087 Mathias joined 19.06.2018

DLH12087 Mario joined 19.06.2018


Airline Flight Pilot Aircraft Dep Arr Phase Altitude / Speed


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