DLH Virtual Group ICAO flight plan (engl. 16.08. / 1500z)'s Class Information


ICAO flight plan (engl. 16.08. / 1500z)

Status:  Open
Description:  This training is about understanding (for all pilots) and filing (for pilots flying online) a correct flight plan acording to ICAO-rules.

Besides the different fields and their meanings, we will talk about the correct entries e.g. for a scheduled IFR-flight but, of course, consider the other entries allowed in each box as well.

The trainign will be held in English again on 16th of February, 1600z. As usual, please let us know, if you want us to be talked any special topic, otherweise, we are looking forward to your registration and meeting you mid of February.

best regadrs,

Trainer: Bernd Auernhammer

Course Title Date/Time (z) Remark
The ICAO flight plan 16/8/2020-15:00 How to read and file an ICAO flightplan correctly

Pilot ID Pilots Name
DLH40897 Tim Gerstenberg
DLH60612 Andrei Ene
DLH71009 Fuadhasan As
DLH60165 Nishanth Murugan