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Meteorology (engl. 02.08. / 1500z)

Status:  Completed
Description:  Dear all,

TAF, METAR, CAVOK, LIGHT, BROKEN, QNH / inHG, BCMG.....do those abbreviations sound kind of cryptic to you?

Then let's change that: On 02nd of August we will take a closer look at the weather reporting standards METAR, TAF amd ATIS. The class will be held in English again

So, if you always wanted to learn more about it, just sign in and join :-)

rgds. Bernd
Trainer: Bernd Auernhammer

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Meteorology (engl. 02.08. / 15 2/8/2020-15:00 Meteorology (engl. 02.08. / 1500z)

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