DLH Virtual Group VFR (engl. / 21.06.2020 / 1500z)'s Class Information


VFR (engl. / 21.06.2020 / 1500z)

Status:  Completed
Description:  In this class, we will take a look at the basics of flying - a VFR flight.

We will go through the functionality and the layout of the instruments, that are found in a VFR-plane, we will talk about the VFR-charts and last but not least, we will go through the typical phraseology and the flight plan, you have to file when flying VFR at an online network.

So, get your VFR-beauties ready and join that class about the basics of modern flying.

Trainer: Bernd Auernhammer

Course Title Date/Time (z) Remark
The joy of VFR flights 21/6/2020-15:00 Instruments, charts & phraseology of a VFR flight

Pilot ID Pilots Name
DLH70838 Douglas Vasconcelos
DLH40842 Ian Sheffield
DLH21645 Neil Staines