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DLHva about DLHva - (engl. 30.08. / 1500z)

Status:  Open
Description:  In this class, we will show you around our website, will explain how to file a manual PIREP, how charter-flights can be created and how you can communicate with fellow-pilots as well as our staff-members.

The class will be held in English again, if you have any topics about our VA, you want us to shed some light on, please feel free to contact me beforehand.

Looking forward to meeting you in our class "DLHva about DLHva" on 23rd of Aug. 2020 / 1500z in our "classroom" on TS 3


Trainer: Bernd Auernhammer

Course Title Date/Time (z) Remark
DLHva about DLHva - (engl. 23. 30/8/2020-15:00 Our website, our rules & regulations and much more

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