DLH Virtual Group Academy Trainings


ICAO flight plan (engl. 16.08. / 1500z)

Status:  Open
Description:  This training is about understanding (for all pilots) and filing (for pilots flying online) a correct flight plan acording to ICAO-rules.

Besides the different fields and their meanings, we will talk about the correct entries e.g. for a scheduled IFR-flight but, of course, consider the other entries allowed in each box as well.

The trainign will be held in English again on 16th of February, 1600z. As usual, please let us know, if you want us to be talked any special topic, otherweise, we are looking forward to your registration and meeting you mid of February.

best regadrs,


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Phraseology online flights (engl. 23.08. / 1500z)

Status:  Open
Description:  Dear all,

in August, it's time again for a new class about the phraseology to be used when flying online.

Who always wanted to start flying online, but was unsure and didn't dare so far, this is the class to join. Of course, you are also very welcome, if your last flights on an online-network are a while ago and you just want to re-join.

We will go through a typical flight from Frankfurt (EDDF) to Munich (EDDM) and will be talking about the involved stations from Delivery at Frankfurt to Apron at Munich.

We look forward to your participation, however, we will limit the class to six participants again so that you benefit the most.

Best regards

Trainigsteam DLH VA

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DLHva about DLHva - (engl. 30.08. / 1500z)

Status:  Open
Description:  In this class, we will show you around our website, will explain how to file a manual PIREP, how charter-flights can be created and how you can communicate with fellow-pilots as well as our staff-members.

The class will be held in English again, if you have any topics about our VA, you want us to shed some light on, please feel free to contact me beforehand.

Looking forward to meeting you in our class "DLHva about DLHva" on 23rd of Aug. 2020 / 1500z in our "classroom" on TS 3



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