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Meteorology (engl. 25.04. / 1600z)

Status:  Open
Description:  Dear all,

TAF, METAR, CAVOK, LIGHT, BROKEN, QNH / inHG, BCMG.....do those abbreviations sound kind of cryptic to you?

Then let's change that: On 25th of April we will take a closer look at the weather reporting standards METAR, TAF amd ATIS. The class will be held in English again

So, if you always wanted to learn more about it, just sign in and join :-)

rgds. Bernd

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Advanced Online Phraseology (engl. 18.04. / 1600z)

Status:  Open
In this class, we will be looking at the special phraseology when flying online (for the training, we will not make any difference between VATSIM and IVAO, because the phraseology is similar on either one),

The class is meant for pilots with online experience. We will not talk so much about the basics of online-phraseology but about flying special procedures such as holdings, vectors or go-arounds online. The class will be held in English again

We will do a theoretical Flight from New York JFK to Munich (EDDM). To give it a more realistic feeling, how it sounds on IVAO (or VATSIM, of course), we will be joined and supported by an IVAO-ATC.

We are looking forward to your participation and meeting you in this class, for organisational reasons and to allow you to benefit most, the number of Participants will be limited again to four persons. rgds. Bernd

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