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Dear community, 

we kindly ask you to sign up only to classes, which you can / want to participate in. 

Reason for this post is the following: Early March, we scheduled a training for meteorology for today, and shortly after, we published the training, two of our pilots signed in. So I was happy that our classes are taken on by the community agaain and I assumed of course that those two pilots would show up at the given time (1600z) on TS. Unfortunately, that was not the case, and that was not the first time, where people who registered for a class didn't show up. 

I might be wrong, but for me it is a matter of courtesy, if one has registered for a class to show up, or at least to inform me beforehand, when participation is not possible. Today, I was kept waiting for two participants, none appeared. Don't get me wrong, I really like giving those classes because I learnt teaching for my job. And you are right, when you are expecting a trainer, who is prepared for the class. The same way, I am expecting people to show up (or at least infome me, when same is not possible). Like today, I spent an hour of preparation, was waiting 10 minutes and all in vain. That is rather frustrating. 

So, please show up for trainings, you are signed in for. 

Regards, Bernd




Dear all,

today's training took place with only two participants again - despite of five registrations and although the participants who signed in until yesterday were reminded this morning again per mail.

Honestly, guys, that is NOT FUNNY! (Thanks to those, who did participate, it was lots of fun, you were great participants and we really enjoyed it)

I thought, with above, it would have been clear and it is a matter of fairness and politeness to show up, once signed in. Or at least give notice, if you cannot participate.

In future, we will not wait a single minute and trainings will start sharply at the time, they are scheduled for. If someone shows up late, I cannot help. Sorry about that, but as said above, to inform us prior to the training is the absolut least, one could expect.

Thanks for your understanding.

Regards, Bernd

Posted By: Bernd Auernhammer

News Id: 816 posted on 2020-03-29 18:59:09