DLH Virtual Advanced Ops

DLH Virtual is happy to announce its all new concept called “Advanced Ops”.

The idea behind it, is to give those pilots “a-more-close-to-the-real-thing-feeling” who likes to.

With this said, Advanced Ops is an option and not compulsory. If you like to stick with the usual rules, it’s just fine as well. You can decide – every day, on every flight!

This will be the first step into a more advanced direction. 

Please have a look on the corresponding FAQ page:


If your PIREP fulfill the criteria you will receive a notification from us which confirms the PIREP counts for the Advanced Ops Awards.

For every flight you will earn one point for the Advanced Ops Award (10,25,50,75,100)

On behalf of DLH Virtual!

Posted By: Daniel Schmei├čer

News Id: 889 posted on 2021-02-05 07:04:35