Eurowings Discover (4Y/OCN) Summer Sched

Eurowings Discover (4Y/OCN) Summer Schedule 2021


As by today the next new destination get its maiden flight -> WINDHOEK and the Summer Timetable from Eurowings Discover is complete and available for booking:


Punta Cana: OCN2 | EDDF-MDPC   /   OCN3 | MDPC-EDDF

Windhoek: OCN132 | EDDF-FYWH   /   OCN133 | FYWH-EDDF

Mombasa: OCN134 | EDDF-HKMO   /   OCN135 | HKMO-EDDF

Zanzibar: OCN134A | HKMO-HTZA   /   OCN135A | HTZA-HKMO


More destinations will follow in October like Las Vegas, Mauritius and more to come.


Further an all new thrilling Challenge will start SOON™ to celebrate the Eurowings Discover Kick Off!


Stay tuned!


Posted By: Daniel Schmeißer

News Id: 909 posted on 2021-08-10 16:03:26