New charter module

Dear pilots,

we are pleased to inform you that we have revised our charter module. Besides a more modern user interface, we have also added some automatisms. Among other things, the flight time is now automatically determined from the departure and arrival time. Airports can now either be entered manually or selected from a drop-down menu.

If a charter is created with an airport that does not yet exist in our system, a corresponding message will be given to the pilot, as well as to our system administrators, who then usually create this airport within 24 hours and inform the corresponding pilot that the flight is available.

If you have any problems or questions, please open a helpdesk ticket here:

ATTENTION !! The new charter module will be activated during the evening today. Charters already created will keep their validity and will be transferred to the new module.

You will find the new charter module - as you do now - in the Cloud Pilot Center under Flight Operations.

Posted By: Matthias Paul

News Id: 945 posted on 2022-04-04 14:04:43