About us

  • Welcome to DLH Virtual
  • Welcome to DLH Virtual

About Us

DLH Virtual was founded on September 3rd, 2013 and is proudly based on a well known German airline. Our virtual airline boasts a diverse pilot roster, with members from all parts of the globe who have varying levels of experience in flying. We are growing each day, with operations expanding to levels much higher than what we started out with. We are happy to provide our pilots with a custom kACARS and a smartCARS system so that they find filing pilot reports as small a hassle as possible.

At DLH Virtual, we make our presence felt across a wide range of operations, from schedulued passenger flights to charters, cargo operations and even unique tours, challenges and group flights tailed to best suit our aviating enjoyment.

We also offer a forum, for our members and a training academy to conduct regular training sessions on various topics.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to become the best virtual airline possible. We realise to do so, staff and pilots must work together, hand in hand as a team and this is what we aim to do at DLH Virtual. We organise weekly events, group flights and tours in order to make flying with us an enjoyable experience yet transform this hobby into a serious learning curve as well.

Meet the Team

Kristof Pencik

ceo and founder

I founded DLH Virtual on Sep, 03rd 2013. I m an ex flight attendant and i m flying with FS9 for more then 10years. Currently i m living in Austria - southern part near to Graz/LOWG. I still like to travel and i m a cycling fan. I wish all of our pilots a great time with DLH Virtual.

Yatiraj Ramanujam

Chief Operating Officer

An avid flyer since the age of 8, I have enjoyed this hobby like no other. Naturally, as time progressed, I found myself diving deeper and deeper into the subject, acquainting myself with newer learnings and found my love growing stronger. I joined DLH Virtual in February, 2014 and started off as an Assistant Hub Manager at EDDL before becoming Hub Manager at EDDF and finally, Hub Director before being appointed as Chief Operating Officer.

Vivek Krishanth

DLH Operations Manager

I'm the DLH Operations Manager of DLH Virtual. I got into flying since in the 8th grade, eventually moving on to Microsoft Flight Simulator X. I decided to join DLH Virtual in 2014 in order to learn and share knowledge about my experiences. My favorite aircraft is Airbus A320. In DLH Virtual I organise flights and monitor the fleet while managing EDDL and EDDK along with other general staff duties. Please feel free to contact me if you need anything!

Robin Flood

LSZH hub Manager

Update in progress

Aneesh Bapaye

EDDF Hub Manager

I am Aneesh, the hub manager for Frankfurt. I have been simulating for the past 10 years since the tender age of 8. I love flying long hauls and participating on the regular online group flights and events held on VATSIM. I am an avid plane spotter and have submitted many photographs of aircrafts snapped at my hometown - Mumbai, India.

Philipp Ebert

LOWW Manager & Eurowings Operations Manager

I am Philipp and I am the Eurowings & LOWW Hub manager of this Airline. I am 17 years old and i have lived in Germany-Bayern close to Bamberg. I have worked as an Office clerk in a car house. My passion is the Aviation! Since the first of April 2014 I am member of the Airline and since on year I am Eurowings Manager. When i have found the VA on the Internet I was very excited about there structure and there great community. When Lufthansa said that they would get the Eurowings bigger I knew that I would implement it in our VA. I talked to our CEO Kris smile emoticon and became Eurowings Manager. I think Eurowings is a great Arline and we will have a lot of great flights. I love it to manage the Airline and I hope I will have many more great years with the Airline and the VA. Also with the lovely staff team and our great pilots. All of you are doing a great job.

Konstantin Parastatidis

EDDM Hub Manager

Update in progress

Bernd Auernhammer

EDDF Manager, Representative - Online Affairs

My name is Bernd, I am born in Sept. 1969 and am living in Nuremberg, Southern Germany (EDDN). More by coincidence and first “just for fun”, I joined another Germany based VA where I finally held various (senior) staff positions. With that appointment, I started to like working as staff in a VA, and after stepping back from my previous position, I joined DLH VA in October 2015, first again “just for fun” and with no intention to join the staff again. In the first days already, however, I mailed back and forth with a Kris a few times, we met on TS several times and due to my professional background in real life (I am working in logistics for more then 20 years, some of them in airfreight operations and I have a degree in freight forwarding), Kris offered me the job of GEC / AeroLogic Manager of the DLH VA – an offer, I couldn’t resist!


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Total Pilots: 734
Total Routes: 7912
Total Flights: 102978
Total Flight Hours: 319424.23
Total Miles Flown: 124208994
Total Flights Today: 2