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DLH Virtual Group Past Events

Date: Event: Details
16/03/2019IVAO Group flight EDDM - HESH Details
23/02/2019[VATSIM] Group Flight EDDM - LIPZDetails
16/02/2019IVAO Copenhagen RFE 2019Details
30/01/2019[VATSIM] Group Flight LOWW - LOWIDetails
19/01/2019IVAO Group Flight January 2019Details
15/12/2018[VATSIM] Christmas Flight EDDH - ENTCDetails
15/12/2018IVAO X-MAS FLIGHT EDDK - EFRODetails
10/12/2018[VATSIM] Groupflight EDDL - LIMCDetails
20/10/2018[VATSIM] Groupflight EGCC - EDDMDetails
15/09/2018[VATSIM] Groupflight LTAI - EDDFDetails
08/09/2018IVAO Group Flight EDDK - LTBADetails
28/07/2018[VATSIM] Frankfurt RealOps 28.07.2018Details
23/06/2018[VATSIM] EDDF - EDDT 23.06.2018Details
16/06/2018IVAO Group Flight EDDF - EGJBDetails
02/06/2018IVAO Group Flight LSZH - LGKODetails
05/05/2018IVAO Group Flight LOWW - OMDBDetails
14/04/2018IVAO Group Flight EDDL - LGSKDetails
27/03/2018IVAO Group Flight LOWI - EDDTDetails
18/03/2018IVAO Group Flight EDDM - LEPADetails
27/02/2018IVAO Group Flight EDDH - LOWIDetails
10/02/2018IVAO Group Flight EDDM - HECADetails
20/01/2018IVAO Group Flight LOWW - LEPADetails
13/01/2018[VATSIM] Cargo Shuttle EDDK - EGNXDetails
06/01/2018IVAO New Year Fly In EDDL - LOWWDetails
19/12/2017IVAO Group Flight EDDH - LFSTDetails
27/11/2017[Vatsim] Bremen JamDetails
12/11/2017IVAO Group Flight EDDF - EKCHDetails
07/11/2017IVAO Group Flight EDDH - EDNYDetails
04/11/2017VATSIM EDDT to LROPDetails
29/10/2017GENEVA Non stop ATCDetails
21/10/2017IVAO Group Flight EDDL - LDSPDetails
22/07/2017[VATSIM] LOWI - LGTSDetails
24/06/2017VATSIM going SOUTHDetails
17/06/2017IVAO Group Flight LOWW to EHEHDetails
30/04/2017IVAO Group Flight 30.04.2017Details
20/01/2017IVAO Group Flight LOWW - LEPADetails
20/01/2017IVAO Group Flight LOWW - LEPADetails
06/01/2017Group Flight EDDL -LOWWDetails
01/01/2017VATSIM going SOUTHDetails