DLH Virtual Group Event

Event: IVAO Group Flight January 2019
Description: Dear IVAO Pilots,
You are invited to join the first IVAO Group Flight in 2019 taking place 19th, January 2019.
This time we are going to fly from EDDT (Berlin Tegel) to LSGS (Sion / Switzerland)!

Please bear in mind that LSGS is a rather small airport where maximum CAT2 aircrafts may land.
As the approach into LSGS will be rather challenging I recommend a thorough study of the available charts.

The scheduled take off from EDDT will be at 15:00 UTC so that we will arrive at Sion at approx. 16:30 UTC.

Please register here for the event:
Please note: The slots mentioned in the a.m. registration tool are NOT mandatory for takeoff. Consider those times only as reference times!
A detailed flight briefing will be submitted to registered pilots as usual prior to the event; however deadline for registration will be 19.01. at 11:00 UTC.

Best regards
Jochen Sieler
Event Department DLH Virtual
Scheduled Date: 19/01/2019
Scheduled Start Time: (UTC) 15:00
Departure Field: EDDT
Arrival Field: LSGS
Company Schedule: DLH
Current Signups: 15:00 - DLH11536 - Erik Pannenbecker
15:02 - DLH40100 - Marco Simon
15:04 - DLH2348 - Alexander Maier
15:12 - DLH12112 - Felix Blanke
15:16 - DLH40216 - Florian Raede
15:18 - DLH21175 - Matthias Pirner
15:20 - DLH1841 - Jochen Sieler
15:22 - DLH70331 - Assumani Shabani
15:30 - DLH6910 - Carlo Mandarini

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